Pokemon Playmat Set Stadium TCG


A Pair of Quality Printed Fabric Playmats, with a rubber neoprene backing. Specially designed to work with the Pokemon TCG.

Available in all energy colours.

  • Printed on 1.5mm quality neoprene rubber backed polyester
  • Permanent HD sharp and vibrant print
  • Water resistant
  • Scratch proof
  • Long lasting & hard wearing
  • Anti-slip textured back
  • Machine washable


Pokemon Playmat Set for Pokemon Trading Card Game (TGC) – Stadium.

A quality Pokemon Playmat set, designed specially for the Pokemon Trading Card Game (TCG) system. Playmats can be used separately, or joined together to make a Pokemon style Stadium Mat, making them truly unique!

The stadium Design is available in several colour options, if you don’t see the energy colour you desire please feel free to contact us and we will do out best to cater for you. We also offer a full custom mat and design service if you are looking for something more personal.

Designated Card Zones for Pokemon TCG

Playmats also come with special card zones marked out on them and labelled as follows:

  • Deck – Place your 30 or 60 card deck here
  • Discard – Place any used or discarded cards here
  • Bench – Place up to 5 Pokemon here
  • Prizes – Place 3 or 6 prize cards here.

The Zones add a great feel to the Playmat and are great for anyone learning the game. They are also useful to experienced players who like to be organised and enjoy and organised mat.

Available in every energy colour

The Pokemon Stadium Playmats are available in a whole range of colours, reflecting the various Pokemon energy colours such as:

  • Water: Blue
  • Flame: Orange
  • Leaf: Green
  • Fairy: Pink
  • Fighting: red/brown
  • Metal: Silver
  • Psychic: Purple
  • Electric: Yellow
  • Dark: Dark Green/Blue

Additional information

Stadium Colour

Water – Blue, Flame – Orange


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