Netrunner Playmat Sets and Single Mats Android: Netrunner LCG TCG

5.00 out of 5
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A pair of Netrunner Playmats designed for the Corp and the Runner.

The mats are a great addition to the game and come with placement locations and turn sequence instructions, making them great to learn with too! Whether you are a veteran or new to Netrunner these Playmats will certainly enhance your game.

  • Printed on 1.5mm quality neoprene rubber backed polyester
  • Permanent HD sharp and vibrant Print
  • Water resist, can be cleaned
  • Scratch proof
  • Long lasting & hard wearing


Netrunner Playmat Sets

A pair of high quality fabric Netrunner Playmats with a neoprene rubber backing. These Playmats come in sets of two (one Corp and one Runner) or they can be purchased individually.

The Sets have everything you need on a Playmat to aid the game Android: Netrunner including:

  • Placement Zones for your cards
  • Turn Sequence and actions
  • Click tracker
  • Visual Aids


Save Money Buying a Netrunner Playmat Set

Playmat sets are a great way to buy multiple mats, with a discount vs purchasing a single Playmat. Don’t Want 2 Playmats for yourself? Maybe ask a friend if they want to go halves? Alternatively you can buy any single playmat design you wish.


Playmat size

The Playmats are standard size 23.5 x 13.5 inches and 1.5mm thick. The mats roll up easily and unroll nice and flat. We have found that 1.5mm seems to be the best thickness for rolling out flat (when not rolled over tight).

Playmat storage

We do recommend that you roll Playmats print-side out for best lay flat results. When not in use you can store the Playmats in the card tube they are shipped in, which doubles up nicely as a storage tube with end caps.

Additional information

Set / Mat

Red & Blue Set, Weyland Grey & Shaper Green Set, Anarch Red Runner Single, Blue Sun Corp Single, Shaper Green Runner Single, Weyland Grey Corp Single

3 reviews for Netrunner Playmat Sets and Single Mats Android: Netrunner LCG TCG

  1. 5 out of 5

    Sam Bevan

    Excellent quality material and fantastically useful aids for playing Netrunner, especially as a new player. I heartily recommend these and cannot compliment Venom itself enough. Excellent company.

  2. 5 out of 5

    Hrvoje Varga (verified owner)

    Some time ago, I bought a game called Onitama. The game comes with a rubber “board” similar to these playmats. The problem with the Onitama playmat is that it came a bit deformed on one of the sides. Here, I was worried that the material would also deform a little in the packaging, but these sweets just roll out flat on the table no matter how much stress you put it into them.

    Playmats have amazing quality material and print. In my opinion, these exact playmats should be a part of the official game of Android: Netrunner. If you enjoy playing the game itself, you really should buy this thing.

    My shipment took a bit more time than I expected. I mailed Venom Battle Gear about this and they offered me to send another set of playmats. Fortunately, the shipment came through so there was no need to send a new pair. Thanks, Venom Battle Gear for amazing support and amazing product.

  3. 5 out of 5

    Matt (verified owner)

    Excellent quality both in trems of material and printing. Words are clear and the runner mat in particular has lots of handy things like a link and MU tracker.

    Bought for myself and my daughter as she has recently expressed an interest and we both love them. Got the Weyland/Shaper combo. Would definitely buy again.

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