3×3 ft Malifaux Battlemat Cobblestone Town with discrete division markers


Great features for Malifuax

  • Centre circle is 12 inches to make knowing the centre division easy!
  • Corners are designed with 12 inch radius stones to instantly show corner divisions.
  • Discrete White dots showing quarter and diagonal quarter divisions.
  • Design makes Playing Malifuax so much easier.
  • 3×3 foot so perfect for malifaux, can be used for any other games too.

Why Our Premium Mats Are So Great!

  • HD solvent based print printed.
  • Special 3 layer composite anti-curl PVC (Stay Flat Version).
  • Water and spill resist (dont worry about spilling your drinks on it).
  • Posted in a hard tube. 


Malifaux Battlemat Cobblestone Town

A Well designed Malifaux Battlemat Cobblestone style battlemat with a nice town centre setting. Perfect for tournaments and casual play, with its easy marked divisions and areas.

Malifaux town playmat / battlemat with cobble stone ground & circular stone patterns.  Includes discrete white dots to show the quarter divisions on the mat.

The centre circle area is 12 inches and clearly shows the centre of the mat making it easy to see if you are in the centre zone.

Corner deployment areas are also clearly marked by the stone design of the mat, with the standard 12 inch radius.

Additional information


Standard 440GSM PVC, Premium So-Flat PVC


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