Malifaux Tundra / Grass Battlemat 2


A Tundra or Grass Battle mat for war games, Malifuax or any other game that uses a 3×3 foot mat. Available in many other sizes


Stay Flat Material:

This Material has set us above many mat producers, and has set a precedent in the wargaming industry.

If you are tired of curled gaming mats, this is the mat for you!
Second image shows the print as it is on the mat up close so you can see the detail and realism
Instant lay flat mats even when rolled for long periods

 Why Our Premium Mats Are So Great!

  • Stay Flat Technology (premium Stay Flat version only)
  • HD Printing
  • Water Resist
  • Will survive hot drinks too!
  • Ultra flexible
  • Non-Slip System


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Standard PVC, Premium So-Flat PVC


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