Custom 3D Printed Miniatures


  • Custom 3D Printed Miniatures in high quality resin
  • Pricing based on base size for easy selection
  • Printed in Grey Resin with a great surface finish for painting

Please contact us if you are not sure on pricing options and would like a quote.
We can quote for any sort of print such as parts, models, scenery etc.



Custom 3D Printed Miniatures

These Custom 3D Printed Miniatures are made in the finest 3D Resins. Highly suitable for finishing, sanding, and painting, they are great for the tabletop yielding fantastic detail. In many cases, models can be printed in one piece. Alternatively, models can be supplied in parts if required and glued together to complete the final model.


Miniature Pricing

The pricing has been kept simple with tabletop gamers in mind. Select the size base the model is suited for and enter the quantity of the model required.

If you have a model which is not suited to any of the listed options please contact us for a custom quote. If you think that your model is unfairly priced using the base size, we can take a look at your model and give you a quote that is more suitable. For example: you may have a 50mm base but only a very small model in comparison on the base.


Sending us your 3D Custom Miniature files

Once you have complete the checkout and you are on page 3 of 3 you will see a summary of your order. At the bottom of this page there will be a section with the option to upload a file. you may select your 3D file (50MB or under) and select upload. A progress bar will show the uploads progress, followed by a message to say it has been completed. If you miss this or wish to upload an artwork later, you can also upload artworks from your account page. Simply go to my account – orders – then click view on the order you wish to upload an artwork for. If you still need assistance, please contact us using the contact form at the bottom of the site. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Supported file upload types: .stl .obj

Additional information

Miniature Size

25mm Base, 32mm Base, 40mm Base, 50mm Base


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