About Us

The Begining

Venom BattleGear was started in 2016 by Simon Longley,  a designer & printer with a passion for gaming! After working 10 for years in the paper and watermarking industry as a  Dandy Roll Development Technician he was sadly made redundant. With such a specialist job role, moving abroad was pretty much his only option to stay in the industry. Simon decided to take his skill set and apply them towards print and design, launching iCandy Print in 2013. Offering custom print and design, it wasn’t long before he started to apply some of the printing techniques acquired to table top gaming! Starting off with 3 x 3 foot  Battlemats for Star Wars X-wing, the new brand was almost called Venom Battlemats. Feeling like too much of a narrow market and brand, a name that covered a range of products was required. So, “mats” was replaced with “gear” leading on to the brand to see today, the Snake in the Gear!

What we do

We print a range of products for use in trading card games and tabletop gaming. our most popular products being custom playmats. Other custom products include: Playmats, Templates and Objectives, 3D Printed Miniatures, Photo Slate, Art Boards and Photo Panels, Coasters, Gaming Bags, Clothing, Battlemats and more.

Bespoke Design and illustration is also available, so for those of you wanting a custom mat but don’t have a design, don’t worry, we can do that too! 

Working with Others

There are still many of our products to launch on the website. We are always trying, testing. inventing and products will be added to the site accordingly. If you think we can help with your ideas and projects please feel free to contact us. We are always keen to look at new ideas and work with others to achieve them. 

We have worked with many teams from various games, even game developers and brands themselves such as: Cucumber Games, Zephyr Wargames, Team Mewbies and more.

Enjoy gaming and being creative!